About - ALIF Charitable foundation

ALIF Educational, Charitable and Welfare Trust is an Social and Welfare organization established by a group of Intellectuals and advocates to establish Peace, Harmony, National Integration and Universal Brotherhood in society through Education, Social/Moral Development and by helping poor, orphans, old aged & disabled. ALIF Trust is registered with Government of Telangana State. ALIF Trust believes in serving Humanity regardless of cast, color, creed or religion. As such, all activities conducted by ALIF Trust is done based on Moral, Human Values and Humanitarian Grounds. You can donate us to help needy and poor people.

ALIF Charitable Foundation is an NGO founded by a group of philanthropists. We have a vision to serve people across the country, this has encouraged us to undertake various initiatives to help people of all stature, including providing them with state-of-the-art resources. ALIF Charitable Foundation has helped thousands across the state and is making constant efforts to raise awareness, provide care for those in need, and encourage many more to join us in serving humanity.

Mission and Vision
Our mission is to transform the lives of the disadvantaged and under privileged by empowering them with essential tools required to lead a Educated, healthy and productive life. Through these measures, we strive to create a progressive community and encourage individuals to look beyond their economic limitations. Through our work, we wish to ignite a spirit of altruism and a sense of humanism amongst citizens.

Our vision is to lay down a path for the underprivileged by aiding them to access better quality education, provide career opportunities, and support a functioning healthcare system. We take our efforts with the aim of helping these individuals to attain self-reliance.

Free Food Distribution

Free Food Distribution to poor and needy

Free Blanket Distribution

Free Blanket Distribution for roadside poor

Free Medical Camps

Weekly Free Medical Camps For Poor & Disabled In Slum Areas

"Let’s Help the Poor"

Educational, Charitable and Welfare Organisation in Hyderabad, Telengana, India.

Empowering youth

Empowering youth in job search

Scholarship for poor students

Helping poor in free Academic Education.

Free School Material

Free School Material Like Books, Stationary, Bag For Poor Children.

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